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Cleaning of Food
Ozonic water can decompose agrochemical on the surface of fruits and vegetable, reduce residual of antibiotics and kill bacteria and pathogens on the surface of meat and seafood. Washing food with ozonic water can reduce contamination of food and prolong storage life. Ozonic water can also remove the odor of old rice, make it savoury after cooked.




Washing Tableware
Washing tableware and cooking utensils with the ozonic water can effectively kill germ, decompose chemical (such as detergent residue, etc.), and prevent hepatitis B and other epidemic diseases. Cleaning refrigerators with ozonic water can kill colon bacillus which multiplies most rapidly in low temperature, thus make it safer for storing food.

Personal Hygiene
Washing hands and shower with ozonic water can remove bacteria and refresh skin, prevent and cure some dermatosis. It is especially effective for irritable skin and mycotic infection, for example, beriberi. Brushing teeth and gargling with ozonic water can cure halitosis and other oral disease.

Beauty Therapy
Ozonic water carries more oxygen, washing face with it can increase the metabolism of skin, prevent aging of skin, and make your skin healthy. Ozonic water can help in curing zits.


Purification of Drinking Water
Ozone purifies water by killing bacteria and decomposing chemical residues, increase oxygen in water, and keep natural nutrition in the drinking water.


Cleaning Environment
Ozone water can kill mold, remove malodorous smells and purify air, suitable for kitchen and washroom cleaning.


Washing Clothes
Ozone water can increase the decontamination of water, thus reduce the amount of detergent used. Ozone water can also decrease chemical residues of detergent, thus protect skin. Ozone Water can effectively kill viruses, prevent cross infection, especially suitable for washing baby clothing and underwear.

Pets Cleaning
Ozone water can remove malodorous smells of pets, and kill bacteria in the hair of pets.

Aquaculture and Planting
Ozone kills bacteria in water, increases oxygen and decreases ammonia and nitrogen in water, ensures health of the fishes. Watering flowers with ozon
e can prolong the lifecycles of flowers.



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